Religion or Passion

Religion robs us of the passion that is derived from the central point of our spiritual existence. When the passion is removed, all we are left with is the religion. Religion in this form is only distinguishable from other religions by its differing rituals.

Rituals provide a certain degree of comfort and purpose to the human mind. However, it offers no fire and passion to our heart and soul. Without this heart and passion we soon become very bored with our religious exercises and drift from the straight and narrow path that leads to life.

Many books, sermons and teachings, are constantly being offered to help us recapture our lost passion. We are given exercises and instructions to bring back the fire. However, it is not the instruction in the art of fire building that keeps the fire burning. Fire continues as long as there is a source of fuel. The fire shrinks when the source of the fuel supply is diminished.

Religion in and of itself is not the fuel source. We must not mistake religious zeal for Godly passion. When a person has a desire to find a soul mate for their life on this earth, zeal for that purpose equips the individual with the momentum for the pursuit. The purpose of finding a mate never becomes the object of love. It is the ‘find’ that becomes the object of love. Passion embraces the person, not the search for the person.

In the same fashion, zeal cannot provide fulfillment as the end result. Passion brings fulfillment when the object of desire has been discovered and reciprocates by returning the love which has been sought. One's search usually consists of zeal that is wrapped with the emotional trappings of obsession, depression, impatience and despair. Once the object of the search is captured, zeal is engulfed in emotions of passionate love that powerfully buries all other senses. Anyone that has ever fallen in love can understand these feelings. In essence, God desires that we fall in love with Him, passionately. The love that God desires for us and the love that will ultimately satisfy us can only be found at the center of God’s heart.

There were two distinct episodes in my life that I encountered the conviction of the Holy Spirit prior to accepting a personal relationship with Christ. One encounter was met with a religious exercise that failed to get results. The other was experienced with the passionate love of Jesus that transformed my human existence forever.

Randall Mooney


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